Missouri Nurses Association endorses Medicaid expansion ballot initiative

The state’s largest association of registered nurses is throwing its weight behind the growing campaign to give Missouri voters the choice to approve Medicaid expansion.

The Missouri Nurses Association is just one of more than 120 organizations so far to pledge its support of the Healthcare for Missouri campaign — an expansive coalition that includes businesses, hospitals, insurers, medical organizations, civic and charitable groups and everyday Missourians.

The expansion would help provide health coverage to more than 230,000 uninsured adults in the state, bring more than $1 billion of our tax dollars home from Washington each year, create thousands of jobs, boost the state’s economy and keep struggling rural hospitals open.

“As nurses, we are on the front lines of healthcare delivery in the state of Missouri,” said Terry Reese, the group’s board president and a family nurse practitioner in Branson. “So our members can see firsthand how increased access to health insurance will improve the health, well-being and quality of life for hundreds of thousands of hardworking Missourians.”

Thirty-six other states have moved to expand Medicaid in recent years, including neighboring Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky and Nebraska. Expansion efforts are also underway in Kansas and Oklahoma.

An expansive body of research shows that Medicaid expansion will not just save lives but could also save taxpayers money.

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have shown that expansion could save our state more than $1 billion by 2026 by reducing many of the healthcare costs the state now pays.

And a new analysis of Medicaid expansion in Arkansas, Indiana and Ohio shows how those states have used Medicaid-derived savings to cut income taxes, increase government efficiency and improve worker productivity. That report concluded that Medicaid expansion in Missouri ‘can be designed to budget for savings and revenue opportunities that significantly exceed the state’s cost of implementation.”

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